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Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus)

Observed: 5th July 2009 By: littlecleaveslittlecleaves’s reputation in Invertebrateslittlecleaves’s reputation in Invertebrates

Neutral grassland Newbridge Slopes

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Both the same

Are both these images of the same butterfly? The first one looks more like a Skipper of some kind, possibly Small Skipper.

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Yes first one doesnt look

Yes first one doesnt look like ringlet, but agreeing the 2nd.


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Yes I agree so have removed the skipper.

I have another Ringlet image with wings open. It has fewer spots than shown on the underside of these wings. Is that normal?

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I think it is quite normal, I

I think it is quite normal, I stand to be corrected but I think the underside markings are more conspicuous.


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Thanks everyone