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Unidentified caterpillar - moth?

Observed: 24th February 2013 By: s.l.garlicks.l.garlick’s reputation in Invertebratess.l.garlick’s reputation in Invertebrates

Two caterpillars found under wildflower die back in my back garden in Hull. The surrounding vegetation was daisy and another garden variety species.
Caterpillars pictured in a tub as I would like to take them into the school I work at for our eco club. Ideal for shoing the life cycle of moths/butterflies. Any tips for keeping the larvae healthy would be appreciated.

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ID notes: 3 thoracic prolegs

ID notes:

3 thoracic prolegs (true legs), 4 adominal prolegs, 1 anal proleg. White stripe (spiracle) on either side of the body. On the larger, darker green caterpillar the spiracle stretches the entire length of the body, but on the smaller caterpillar the spiracle only extends a quarter of the body, mainly on the abdomin. 3 thoric segments and 7 abdominal segments.