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Tree Mallow, Port Isaac, Cornwall

Observed: 20th February 2013 By: David Trevan
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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There were large stands of these on the cliffs, they must be magnificent in flower but even on a dull February day they looked interesting.

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West Bay Kent has...

...many of these on the cliff/promenade edge. Unfortunately they are poor flowerers here with only 1 or 2 flowers per large plant. Shame really I always expect more from them. I wonder why they don't flower prolifically? Is it the salt air?

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The natural habitat is sea cliffs ...

... so the salt air is unlikely to be a problem.

Malva arborea doesn't take frost well, which is one reason why its natural distribution is along the south and west coasts.

It also doesn't have much resistance to grazing - unlike many plants it won't shoot from the base - so it grows in places where stock is excluded. Hence the native sites being on islands and cliffs.

It likes rich soil - many classic sites are fertilised by sea-birds - so that may be the problem in Kent.

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...for that - would be nice to see more flowers on them as they are prolific here.

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I was wondering ...

... are you seeing first year plants? Malva arborea may flower late and sparsely in its first year, before flowering profusely early in its second year. (I haven't grown it for a few years, but I seem to recall May; it's the first mallow in flower.)

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don;t think so..

...here is my original posting that I got wrong
I will post them again in flower with a bit better wide angle view.

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It is interesting that the name has been accepted and changed in the ID panel. What IS the accepted name? UKSI has both. I think the name was changed in 2012. But read here http://www.ispotnature.org/node/346570#comment-119395

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We came across this observation today and the photos and backdrop really are amazing. Andy