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Yes I know this is the fungi and lichens section but we are doing a new project that may be particularly relevant to those interested in fungi and lichens.

Its at http://www.treezilla.org/ and is a bit like ispot but is just for trees. You need to enter the exact location of the tree so it is mainly applicable to individual trees at present. Its open to everyone but we also hope to get whole inventories of thousands of trees from councils and other bodies.
The idea is that it gives some kind of monetary value of the tree in terms of the ecosystem services it is providing, for example how much pollution it is taking out of the air. The values shown on the site at present (Feb 2013) have not been corrected for UK conditions so should only be taken as indicative, there are ongoing projects to improve these numbers. Ideally there would also be a biodiversity value but this is very difficult to assess at present.
We are looking for people to have a go on the system and give us feedback. It is not being advertised to the general public at the moment as we want a select group such as the fungi and lichen people on ispot to have a go first. If you do enter trees make sure its real data as the system is live.
One of the things that has been causing us problems on treezilla is the email system so if you don't get a response from me within a few days then try the contact button on ispot instead.