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White lichen with pruinose apothecia

Observed: 13th November 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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White lichen with pruinose apothecia

White placodioid thallus with flat-topped lobes growing on limestone on south wall of church. Middle of thallus cracked. Dark, pruinose apothecia near centre of thallus. Possibly Solenopsora candicans.
Update in light of Synangium's comment below: Caloplaca teicholyta with apothecia of parasitic Diplotomma sp.


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Wild guess time

This seems too scurfy and grey for Solenopsora candicans, which I think I know quite well after a lot of time spent peering at limestone in the Yorkshire Dales recently.

Could it be Caloplaca teicholyta playing host to Diplotomma murorum (the localised group of apothecia)? I haven't yet seen either, so I'll leave it as a thought rather than an ID.

The photos from British Lichens:

Caloplaca teicholyta
Diplotomma murorum

Edit: the latter, which is only known growing on C. teicholyta, isn't universally accepted as distinct from D. alboatrum.


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Apothecia of Diplotomma sp.

Interested to learn of this parasitism. What you suggest seems likely to me (now!). Have changed suggested identity accordingly.
Only recently saw what I think is C. teicholyta with its own orange apothecia (shall add images of this in a new observation) and the thallus looks like this one. Did not think of it for this lichen with the presence of dark pruinose apothecia.
Many thanks Nigel for your detective work and links provided.