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Long tailed tits

Observed: 12th February 2013 By: markwilsonmarkwilson’s reputation in Birdsmarkwilson’s reputation in Birdsmarkwilson’s reputation in Birdsmarkwilson’s reputation in Birds
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Its what ispot came up with!

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That has happened to me too!

You have to watch what iSpot suggests and scroll to the one you want if it is over enthusiastic!!
The other irritant (minor I know) is iSpot insists on adding 'Common' to many bird names.

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Yes, sometimes iSpot does offer you a choice and then it's easy to choose the wrong one. If you look at the ID for ssp. europaeus as you added it, and press for the NBN map option, you'll see that there are no records for europaeus.

Add the ID again without a ssp. and I'll happily agree with ought to get the credit!


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