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Riccardia sp?

Observed: 24th February 2013 By: Urban NatureUrban Nature’s reputation in PlantsUrban Nature’s reputation in Plants

Having found R. chamedryfolia recently, this seemed a lot different to that species in terms of size, shape, colour and the tiny 'heads' which are present. Hope someone can help out with this one, thanks.

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This looks so wierd! I'm

This looks so wierd! I'm going to suggest Aneura pinguis as it is super variable and some bits eg at the bottom left of pic 1 have that greasy look... It would be interesting to see what the sporophytes looked like when they are more developed.

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oh yep, I see what you mean,

oh yep, I see what you mean, and there are lots of other things around also... I guess one would have to have a look at a specimen directly to improve the ID. As you say, Moorland Wanderer: "It might be this".