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IMG_339719TH FEBRUARY 2013

Observed: 20th February 2013 By: DSLRDSLR’s reputation in PlantsDSLR’s reputation in Plants
IMG_339719TH FEBRUARY 2013
IMG_339423RD FEBRUARY 2013
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Species with which Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus) interacts


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Some description+ foliage

Some description+ foliage shot would be useful


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very young Prunus flowers?

Bob Ford

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It's not Prunus ...

... Prunus has many stamens and choripetalous flowers; this has 5 stamens and sympetalous flowers.

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With the bit of foliage that

With the bit of foliage that is barely visible
I would suggest Saxifragaceae, probably a Bergenia sp.the bit of foliage visible looks somewhat succulent. No sence of scale, or indication as to whether a shrub, tree or herbaceous material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Could it be Viburnum tinus?

Could it be Viburnum tinus? Need more pictures: habit (herb, tree, shrub, ...), leaf shape, scale ...

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May well be, i hadn't

May well be, i hadn't considered that one.


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Looks like a Viburnum ...

... but I can't identify the species from the flowers alone - not that I could be sure of identifying it from the whole plant, as I can only identify a few of the species.