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Jawbone from barn owl pellett

Observed: 23rd February 2013 By: Sheila Bailey

Jaw 14mm long. Tooth 7mm long. Found in a Barn Owl pellet. The pellet weighed 3.5g and also contained what I am fairly sure were 1 Field Vole, 1 Bank Vole and 3 shrew sculls and 8 other jaw bones. The tooth on this one is much longer and points up more than any of the others.

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The reason the tooth is much

The reason the tooth is much longer than any of the others isn't because it's from another species. It's because the tooth, like on all the other jaw bones, will slot into the 'hole', this tooth has just came out a bit. I get this a lot with my jaw bones from pellets. So this jaw bone will probably be the second part to the vole skull.

Hope this helps

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jaw bone from Barn Owl pellet

Thank you, you were right. I gently pushed it back and it is now the same length as the others. This is the first time I have dissected an Owl pellet I did not realise how strong the bones would still be.

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Bank vole

Note the distinct holes where the roots went, also the overall shape.

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