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Flat fish

Observed: 2nd December 2012 By: keith malcolm
flat fish

definately a fish

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Hippoglossoides platessoides

Hippoglossoides platessoides, Google informs me, is the American Plaice, another "righteye flounder".

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Thanks Will, I arrived at a

Thanks Will,

I arrived at a similar conclusion via google also. Is it just the case that the first time Dab was recorded on iSpot, the latin name H. platessoides was used in error and its that which iSpot remembers? I didnt question get recommended the first few times I used it for Dab, then I saw a Dab observation using the correct name and realised my error.


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Actually, trying that out for myself, when I enter 'Dab' and press 'Get Recommended' it pops up a choice:

"There is more than one recommended English name, please choose the one you feel is most appropriate.

Long Rough Dab"

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I noticed that also Will but

I noticed that also Will but when you select Dab from those 2 options, the scientific name Hippoglossoides platessoides automatically slots into the box above- I thought that must be its name so I went with it.