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Observed: 8th May 2010 By: concordconcord’s reputation in Birds

slightly better photo

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Great Tit

yes a very common bird in gardens and many other habitats

Colin Jacobs.
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That is definitely abnormal

That is definitely abnormal growth. I could not be sure with your first posting. It is amazing that it has lasted to adulthood with a deformity like that, but some birds learn to eat in new ways with things like this.

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Abnormal bill

Much clearer in this shot - Urophora is quite right that it is very unusual. As someone else pointed out, probably the result of damage to either the upper or lower beak. If it has survived this long, it may continue to do so for quite a while.

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The bird appears reasonably shabby,no doubt because it can't preen properly.
Beak growth is reasonably swift so the original damage may have been only a few months ago - statistically, the bird is unlikely to be older than a 2009 bird anyway.
It is highly likely that the stress of moult, determined by day-length, combined with the inability to preen, or the first harsh weather at the end of the year, will see it off.

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thank you for your information it was very helpful

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Abnormal bill

I have just posted another Great Tit with a larger bill. Perhaps this is not so uncommon.