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Observed: 20th February 2013 By: Eskling2Eskling2’s reputation in InvertebratesEskling2’s reputation in InvertebratesEskling2’s reputation in Invertebrates

Flatworms under a stone.
Sharing space with some earthworms (photo 2)!

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I wonder is it triangulata or

I wonder is it triangulata or triangulatus? Triangulata as above seems to be more popular- it has a much larger carousel than the other which has 3. I am assuming it is one species and not 2 seperate ones.


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Probably should be triangulatus

iSpot gives 'triangulata' automatically yet, when I Google it, it seems 'triangulatus' is more commonly used. Maybe some confusion with the synonym 'Artioposthia triangulata'.

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I copied triangulatus from

I copied triangulatus from another observation on iSpot, one of my own. I am not sure how I got my scientific name for that obs, it was either by googling flatworm or using get recommended. Probably the former after what you said above re get recommended.


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The current name is

The current name is Arthurdendyus triangulata with Artioposthia triangulata a valid synonym. -us is an error.