more iSpot data for recording schemes

Martin Harvey's picture

Since the previous update, we've been able to send iSpot observation data to the four recording schemes that cover true bugs and leafhoppers, and all our observations from Wales have been passed on to the Welsh environnmental records centres.

Initial trial datasets for our moth, plant and some marine species are also being processed with help from the Biological Records Centre (BRC).

Helen Roy from BRC and Martin Harvey from iSpot spoke about wildlife recording schemes, and how iSpot fits in with them, in the final Saving Species broadcast in the recent series on BBC Radio 4 (about 16 and a half minutes in to the programme).

Your iSpot observations can make a real contribution to recording and monitoring wildlife, and the identification skills that iSpot can help with will help you to participate in recording scheme activity - see our list of wildlife groups on iSpot to find out about the wide range of organisations involved.