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Waxwing - my very first!!!!!!!

Observed: 21st February 2013 By: chook4chook4’s reputation in Birds

Two waxwings have just arrived in my garden to eat the berries off the cotoneaster watereri tree. I had to share with someone as this is the first time i have ever seen these amazing birds

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thanks for the suggestion - too excited to fill it all in but have done so now!

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Well done! I'm a bit jealous as I've still never seen one myself, but glad it put in an appearance for you.

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In case you want to get them Martin

The nearest ones to you at the moment are probably in Bennetts End in Hemel Hempstead, about 15 reported today.

David Howdon

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Waxwings in MK

Apparently one of the iSpot mentors (the one that you know!) saw them outside the hotel in Milton Keynes the other weekend, but didn't tell me until after the event!

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Well done!

I remember the feeling very clearly!

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Lucky you, well spotted! I'm

Lucky you, well spotted! I'm still waiting in hope here in Ireland.


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Congratulations on seeing your first waxwings and in your garden too. I saw some last year but none this and never in my garden. My husband saw about 30 in his office carpark near Southampton about 10 days ago, but they had gone when I had the chance to get over there.

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Thank you for the lovely

Thank you for the lovely comments - it was really nice to be able to share it with other enthusiasts! Can i check on ispot what birds have been spotted in my area or is there a website that someone could recommend? Thanks

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If you go to the "Observations" menu at the top of this page, and choose "Map of observations", you'll be able to zoom in to your area, set a filter for birds, and see what other observations have been added to iSpot.

But there are lots of other birding sites that provide alerts about what's around. I'm not a birder so others may be able to advise further, but two links worth looking at are the BirdTrack site, that among many other things let's you see a species list for an area:

and there's lots of info on the Scottish Ornithologists' Club site:

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Thanks Martin! That will

Thanks Martin! That will certainly keep me busy. The ispot map sounds just what i am after. I need to investigate that first!