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Harbour Seal

Observed: 5th July 2007 By: dejayM
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In 2007 I had some time with The Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) of St Andrews.
The unit was contracted to conduct Common or Harbour Seal counts with pup tagging to check movements.
Catching the seal pups was not easy but the job was to satellite-tag enough for the research project.
These few pictures show the process of attaching the trackers to pups.
Cleaning and drying the fur, taking blood and tissue samples, waiting for the epoxy glue to harden and then release all took time but the pups seemed to take it in their stride.
The Harbour Seal population continues to decline though in Orkney a bit less so.
A series of annual reports here
And, almost to the Day 6 years later

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That must have been quite an experience, good to see the photos, thanks.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Photos show the diagnostic 'v' shape of the nostrils very well.

Gill Sinclair
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Yes, Gill; you're absolutely right. A nice observation for us all. Thanks.

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What a wonderful experience that must have been.