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Immigrant lady

Observed: 3rd June 2009 By: dejayM
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Portrait 1

As the nature news had it, 2009 was an exceptional year for the immigrant Painted Lady.
That year was pretty special in Orkney too (as well as Shetland, even Greenland I understand).
I took a LOT of photos then but my favourite is this - an unusual portrait.
Last year I did not see even one.
I do so hope that the influx will be repeated this year.

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Red faces

Well Richard, you might be right.
I have uploaded the frame before - no more clues but I think, in retrospect, you are right. There is the hint that the orange band is strongly complete - this might not be the case with Cynthia would it?
So, if someone else would like to agree I'll follow.
Now see