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Dark mallard - juvenile?

Observed: 17th February 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Birdsscubamann’s reputation in Birdsscubamann’s reputation in Birds
dark mallard
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Sorry about the photo, taken at dusk.
I saw this very dark (probably black) duck amongst a large group of Mallards and it does not match adult M or F. This was the only dark one. I am not sure what colour juveniles are, or it may be a cross.
I do not think it is a scoter as the bill is wrong, or I may be.

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People call these 'manky

People call these 'manky mallards'. Basically, a bit of a domestic cross but a mallard all the same. In the second picture, the mallard to the left of this dark one fits the description too by the look of it.

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manky mallards

I have not heard the phrase myself, perhaps it is a local/regional thing?
I had not noticed the second darker one and thought they were females but now I look closer I think you are right. Nor had I noticed the apparent white breast flash.
I had gone back the following day in better light but saw only normal adults and a coot.