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Pencil Cedar?

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Ossified cornflake? No, a tiny cone.

I'm prepared to be corrected on this one: in detail, it fits the description perfectly, but I thought a Pencil Cedar would be far more slender? And not so multi-stemmed?
Branchlets angular/square-ish, covered in green scales, arranged opposite and decussate (neatly four-square to each other) and each scale pointed, sticking out from the stem, and sharp.
You can feel the prickles if you run your finger the wrong way up a branchlet.
Resinous/rancid smell.
Tiny cones in the axils of the branchlets: round, like little "roses".
Bark breaking into vertical fissures.

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could you pull the bark off

could you pull the bark off in stips?
Look good though. Never seen them anywhere near this big.


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Not a Juniper

Rachy, not a Junipers as their fruit resemble fleshy berries, it looks to me to be Lawson Cypress. Not sure about the scent of the foliage though, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana leaves when crushed are supposed to smell of resinous parsley, but then I often find the description of smell awkward.

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Unlikely to be 'Elwoodii'...

...as it is said to grow 6ft - 10ft.

These were monsters! At least 30', if not more.

Also, Lawson Cypress have flattened branchlets, whereas these were kinda square.

There were no signs of berries, just the tiny little brown cones, so I take the point about not being a Juniperus. Unless they only have berries at the "right" time of year? I haven't been able to isolate a berry season, anyone know?

As for scent of foliage, Steve, pfff, I have real difficulties with that: Poland gives great descriptions - "leaves with rancid odour, like paint" - but I find it hard to get any scent other than "musty piney sort of smell".

Except for Thuja plicata.

Oh, and no, the bark was not peeling off in strips.

Please keep the suggestions coming!

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