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Early Egg?

On walking through my local town, in S Wales, yesterday, I noted a broken egg on the pavement. I don't think all of the fragments were present, but what was left of the shell was light-sky-blue in colour, with no visible spots or other markings. I would guess that it was probably 10-15mm in length when whole. The yolk was dried but still yellow in colour, suggesting to me that it was a relatively new egg.

I was surprised at seeing such an egg this early in the year; is it that unusual, or is it relatively common for eggs to be laid at this time of year?

A quick search of web-sites, since my original post, suggests that it might have been a Dunnock's egg, but these web-sites also say that Dunnocks don't mate until April, so I guess this find is very unusual.



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It does sound like it could be a dunnock’s egg (though small) which would be very early. Having said that yesterday I watched a male displaying to a female (assumed sexes because of the behaviour) and pestering her nearly all afternoon.