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Ptenothrix Atra

Observed: 26th January 2013 By: mattprince1969mattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Microscope grab of a rare / under-recorded springtail found by sieving leaf litter in an ancient woodland on Dartmoor.
This specimen was sent to Dr Shaw for confirmation as it is down as very rare in the FSC keys - however Dr Shaw thinks it is probably under-recorded.

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I've agreed with your ID on the basis of the very detailed information you've provided and the confirmation from Dr Shaw - I'm not competent to identify springtails from photos myself!

Thanks for posting this one, intriguing to see such an unusual/overlooked species.

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Thanks Martin

The critical features are (just about) visible in the photograph, but this was a classic 'expert confirmation required' scenario.

I've only just started with the FSC key by Steve Hopkin. Its very well done, such a loss to entomology that the author is no longer with us.

(I note there is an AIDGAP fold out guide as well, which will hopefully kick-start some beginners)