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Observed: 19th February 2013 By: Joshua ParryJoshua Parry’s reputation in InvertebratesJoshua Parry’s reputation in Invertebrates
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more details

was approx. 5mm in length, had an unbent 4th vein in wing (median vein?), eyes did not meet and had very little in the way of body markings. Can you suggest a species from this?

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Simple answer


Generally, you need VERY clear pictures, from different angles, if not the fly itself under a microscope, to be at all sure of the species.

Someone else might get you close, though, or at least confirm the genus.


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Sorry, I can't suggest what this is either. It doesn't seem to have enough bristles on the legs to be in the housefly family (Muscidae), but I'm afraid I can't see enough detail to suggest anything else. Fly identification (even to family level sometimes) often relies on being able to see quite small hairs and bristles on the head, body and legs, so as Ian says it is often difficult to get all the relevant details into a photo.

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okay, thanks for the help anyway :)