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Liverwort sp.?

Observed: 19th February 2013 By: Urban NatureUrban Nature’s reputation in PlantsUrban Nature’s reputation in Plants

Really am struggling to put a name to this, can't seem to find anything exactly like it in the BBS field guide so any suggestions will be very welcomed, thanks. Found growing on a shaded, high, soil (possibly quite clay-ish) bank. Each 'leaf' was approx 6mm in length.

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The sexual organs are not

The sexual organs are not systematically present and identification to sp. is not possible in the field/pics without them. I'd have it as Pellia sp.
Nice crop though !

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I'd agree with Ambrosie. Unless the sex organs are visible this can't be confirmed as Pellia epiphylla If you add Pellia only i would be happy to agree to that!


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Thanks for both your

Thanks for both your comments, much appreciated.

I went with P. epiphylla because I think there are signs of the male 'volcanoes', especially in the final photograph, although they are only small.

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As it's not obvious on the

As it's not obvious on the pics, I'd stick with Pellia sp.

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I spent ages today trying to

I spent ages today trying to find the various organs to id this today in field! Really best done in the field as you often have to scan the whole colony. Found what I needed today so it was P. epiphylla but often just have to record Pelia sp!