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Bird's nest

Observed: 18th February 2013 By: abrownlow
Bird's nest

Bird's nest made of fine Birch twigs and lined with grass. About 13 cm across. Found 1 m above ground in fork of Hazel bush on edge of a 7 year old plantation.

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Not familiar with Garden

Not familiar with Garden Warbler but looks a lot like the Blackcap nests I find locally: basically twiggy and unlined - I guess they are very similar. I look for Blackcap nests in evergreens or very thick brambles, so fork of a hazel sounds unlikely to be Blackcap, and 1m up too low. Must try for Garden Warbler this year!

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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As a newbie to the NRS (this will be my first full season) I can’t speak from personal experience but it does match the description in the field guide so as the ID is ‘might be this’ have agreed.