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Unknown Goose

Observed: 12th February 2013 By: WWW
2013-02-12 Unknown Goose

This goose has been hanging around with Canadian Geese for two years. Is it a cross between a grey lag and Canadian Goose?

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It's not one of the usual patterns for a Greylag x Canada cross. I think it's probably a mixture of a Greylag and a Domestic Goose. Both have the same origins and if I were correct they would share the Latin name Anser anser.

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I reckon that you have it

I reckon that you have it right Chris [Anser anser].

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It would be interesting to see photos of this bird alongside other geese.
I don't see it as a domestic Greylag, and would suggest that the body is strongly suggestive of Canada Goose parentage.

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Canada X

Well spotted Roy. I visited the goose this morning and noticeable straight away is the lack of Greylag wing-trimmings. I watched it close-up took lots of pics and some video of it with its flock of 40 or so Canadian Geese. Beside them the body section is indeed much more suggestive of Canadian despite the orange legs and bill. I say 'suggestive' in fact it looks identical, and not at all like Greylag.

To be clear, the body section from top of the legs to where the white on the neck begins is Canada goose but for black tail and pale breast, though some barred patterning is there on the breast etc

Edit: never mind, see here for further images http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/316379

The bird is actually in the cemetery memorial garden, other side of the road from Lordship Rec but close enough.

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Unknown Goose

Indeed this goose has been at the cemetery pond for 2 to 3 years. The photo was taken the first time I had seen it in the park. Incidentally, the pond has almost been destroyed and I am still waiting for an answer from the council as to why.

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yes, I've noticed that they've dredged the pond for silt and then dumped it in one half, reducing the pond's size by about half. I've not yet discovered the reasoning behind this either

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