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This may have been suggested elsewhere but here's my two-penneth!

Obviously iSpot is not 'Biological Recording' software, however i suspect many who use it are members of various Schemes and Societies or conduct some form of recording for other organisations such as LRCs.

As a result i wondered if it would be possible for an function to be added for an iSpot user to better view the data on their own spots?

For example creating lists! Every naturalist loves lists! But this could be useful in actually pulling out information for submission as records? I would for instance like to be able to produce a list of all the species i have spotted! Some identifications have come through weeks if not months after the original post or may have had altered determinations, and so i have found it difficult to track which spots i have produced Records for..



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Browse by name

Does the browse observation function, filtered by user name, provide some of this functionality?

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In a way but because images

In a way but because images are retained the observations are listed over a large number of pages and you have no option to sort in any way which is i think what i am getting at (though wording poorly).

The way i have been doing it to date is by going to "My Spot" and the Observations tab. That's actually what prompted this suggestion.

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Lots of Lists

I agree a method of extracting the data in list form minus pictures would be good. You could then have a life list ‘all taxa’, life list avifauna etc. and this would all be in one place. At the moment I have such lists but they are scattered about several different recording establishments and my own pc, with lots of double entries.



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The idea has come from a

The idea has come from a similar point with me. I maintain all my records in a personal Gilbert database.

When i get a change in determination or identification i try to keep track of this in the database but i have so much on iSpot now i have found i keep loosing track of what i have updated and added and what i haven't!

It may also enthuse people into adding more to iSpot (including more variety) if they could have (and perhaps share?) what i guess would be a tick-list!

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Good ideas here, thanks, will make sure they are fed in to the new iSpot developments that are coming.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Species Lists and Life Lists are not yet in this round of developments.

This is especially crucial for communities on iSpot that dont have the NBN and other mapping and listing sites: iSpot IS IT! And the lack of lists is sorely missed.

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