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Salmon with trout-like tail shape.

Observed: 19th January 2010 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fish

FAO D.M.H. as promised Mark an example of a salmons tail which bucks the trend and has a shape more like the textbook sea trout profile. Tends to be in larger salmon of this particular spate river. Pic of full fish to be located.....
Fish pic added. A few people inc. myself were curious about the tail shape. People were speaking of salar/trutta hybrids. Scales were sent the Salmon Station at Bushmills, a hatchery and research facility. The response was a 2 sea winter salmon which had smolted after 2 years in freshwater and it was on its first return to the river. A 4+ fish, ie in its 5th year. Not a trout or a hybrid. Ive seen a few salmon from this river since with square shovel like tails.

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I have put notes into my ref. books :-)

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The tail has a neck

The body of the fish widens slightly just before the tail (which allows the fish to be gripped or "tailed") This "neck" is absent from the sea trout and if you try to tail a sea trout you'll probably lose it.

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Hi Thistle, thats right, its

Hi Thistle, thats right, its also got to do with the rigidity of the tail. The trout tail collapses very easily as compared to the quite rigid salmon tail. Trout tail makes for a very poor handle. I sort of tailed this one, when its head was in the landing net I dropped the rod and gripped the 'wrist'. The net wasnt quite big enough to take the whole fish.