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Observed: 14th July 2011 By: dejayM
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Twite tail

Our big-windowed sun lounge looks out onto a wild garden. Rarely a bird will fly into the glass - usually fatally.
This allows me to ocassionally handle and photograph birds in the hand.
I am amazed at how the tail fork is formed.
Sometimes we have more than 200 twite on the nearby overhead cables - very noisy!

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More photos?

Do you have any more photos, of the head, and particularly the chin? The warm orangy buff of the mantle looks suspisciously more like a Linnet than Twite, but the chin colour / pattern is the best way of telling them apart.

Many thanks

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Oh dear!

I really have looked hard - I don't think so.
You know, I have had this discussion many times here. Linnet are not rare but when seen they seem SO different to Twite. Warmer, more upright, slimmer, more elagant - yes?
I THINK I know my birds - I THINK this was a twite. But then.....
Oh dear!
I won't let you down next time.
Goodness it's nice to get comments - thanks
Just found the wing - whatja think now?