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Pixie Cups

Observed: 17th February 2013 By: Paul RobertsPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Cup shaped lichen growing in weathered mortar on an early Victorian brickwork railway bridge. Rural location. Mixed deciduous woodlands immediately adjacent. Abundant small flora of many kinds including several other lichens also growing in this location.


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C. humilis

Thanks synangium, agreed. I'm very far from expert but, from photos, the deeper cup seems characteristic or more frequent at least. Is it fair to say other species of Cladonia tend to have more "golf tee", as opposed to cup-like forms?

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C. humilis has wide cups that are almost sessile or have a short stalk, whereas other cup-forming Cladoniae have podetia with a more developed stalk (their overall height usually exceeds the width of their cups). The golf tee shape you mention is typical of C. fimbriata. C. chlorophaea usually has a more gently tapered profile, appearing almost conical, but is variable and sometimes also resembles a golf tee.


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Thanks Nigel, Paul

Thanks Nigel, Paul