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Root Found on Manchester Allotment

Observed: 17th February 2013 By: Mark Docker

I found this root whilst digging over an allotment plot that has been unused for a while. Can anyone tell me what it is? It is short and seems to have a concave top although it is possible that this the sight of a break.


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Can't place it...

...but it looks hauntingly familiar.

My suggestion would be to pop it in a pot of earth somewhere safe, and see what sprouts.

If it turns out to be edible, you can repatriate it to the allotment: and if not, you can compost it!

Rachy Ramone

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Looks like a Jerusalem

Looks like a Jerusalem artichoke root, they can survive for years, do try replanting if you get a sunflower that's what it is

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Agree artichoke possible but could also be an umbellifer (Apiaceae) root. Hedge parsley possibly if not a cultivated crop gone over/wild

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Definitely resembles

Definitely resembles Jerusalem artichoke. But might also be Galangal, hard to tell. If it smells a little like ginger it will be that. If so keep it away from frost when you replant it.