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Small caterpillar on buddleia

Observed: 16th February 2013 By: lillashawlillashaw’s reputation in Invertebrateslillashaw’s reputation in Invertebrates
Small caterpillar on buddleia

A small, dark green caterpillar with a dark head. It had joined buddleia leaves together with silk to make a small shelter.

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maybe Archips

There are three micro-moths listed as feeding on Buddleja:

although I would expect that some of the generalist/polyphagous caterpillars such as Epiphyas and Cacoecimorpha would also eat it. But of these possibilities Archips podana looks the most likely, although there are related species that are similar:

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Thanks Martin! I had some

Thanks Martin! I had some adult moths that looked quite similar to that species around last year so that might fit... I'll have to try and find my photos of them though to confirm.