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Observed: 28th August 2011 By: laura.whyms

I'm trying to identify which one of the following Cladonia this is?
Cladonia arbuscula
Cladonia bellidiflora
Cladonia carneola
Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata
Cladonia chlorophaea s. lat.
Cladonia ciliata
Cladonia coniocraea
Cladonia crispata
Cladonia digitata
Cladonia diversa
Cladonia fimbriata
Cladonia floerkeana
Cladonia furcata
Cladonia gracilis
Cladonia ochrochlora
Cladonia polydactyla
Cladonia portentosa
Cladonia pyxidata
Cladonia ramulosa
Cladonia rangiferina
Cladonia squamosa
Cladonia strepsilis
Cladonia subcervicornis
Cladonia subulata
Cladonia sulphurina
Cladonia unciali
Cladonia zopfii


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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