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Chopping Board Moth

Observed: 16th February 2013 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebrates
P1020993 Chopping board moth

I'd suggest that choosing to rest on my chopping board while I'm smashing ice cubes for a vodka martini is not the best strategy for longevity. Fortunately, iSpot-ted it. ;)

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Perhaps it was dropping a hint -

That you might offer it a martini, too?
I can't think of a suitable joke about "shaken or stirred", but I'm sure there's one out there...

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I'm sure you'll work it out eventually.

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Thinking about it ...

... since I was using a steak mallet to smash the ice cubes, "getting hammered" might feature in there somewhere.


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Like it -

Not sure wildlife and alcohol mix at all well, though... Whilst "oop north", I used to sit outside with a beer and some peanuts (no martinis allowed on Teesside)on the very occasional clement evening. I'd take some suet treats out for the blackbirds (who had me pretty well trained), throwing them as demanded. After a couple of beers, it was important to remember which packet contained which snack...

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Don't know about shaken and stirred, but Pale Brindled Beauty might be a good name for a cocktail?

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