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Fish id please (added via Android)

Observed: 15th February 2013 By: graemeF
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small 3cm fish

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Not one I have seen myself, but seems to fit...

It would be good if you could edit at the top and reclassify as a fish..then more experienced fish-people might see it.


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Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your help. Have checked the link you posted and the pics definately match closely - including the orangey stripes which were visible on the specimen. No records on the NBN for this species in this area so will submit this to the Marlin website.


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Was it just on the beach.

Was it just on the beach. It's a 'regular' though rare sighting, eg see

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We found it dead on the

We found it dead on the beach, towards the high tide line at Amroth in Pembrokeshire. It was very freshly dead and in perfect condition.