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Orange coloured moss ?

Observed: 15th February 2013 By: steveplantsteveplant’s reputation in Plantssteveplant’s reputation in Plants

Seemingly a moss in small mounds growing on limestone outcrops on high ground in Derbyshire, not mountain, but high pasture.


No identification made yet.

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It is a green alga,

It is a green alga, Trentepohlia. Several species.

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Possibly Trentepohlia aurea

Thanks for that, having looked at Trentepohlia species it looks like it could be aurea.

Thanks again for putting me in the right direction :-)

Steve :-)


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I doubt you can say it is

I doubt you can say it is 'possibly T. aurea' anymore than 'possibly T. anything else'. You need a microscope to examine the cell structure to separate the species.