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Observed: 13th October 2012 By: dejayM
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Taphrina alni
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I am inspired by the pictureless posts by wilson_le_moine
and by John Pilkington
and anyone brave enough to post without a picture.
In late August the seed 'cones' on my Alder had on them a reddish excrescence or appendage - like a rubust leaf or petal.
As the seasons progressed and the 'cones' matured, then the excrescence became bigger than the 'cone' - more than double the length.
Later the appendage became brown and shrivelled.
In the winter, the appendage hardened and became like wood.
This is my first attempt to post a text-scription - I have a good photo, several and even know the name (I hope!) and will post them AFTER some IDs.
Some hope!!
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I think people should get extra recognition for ID'ing pictureless posts.!
There's another excellent text-scription here
and the way Ray Turner homes-in is great.
I have noticed though, that my pictureless post does not get seen in 'Thumbnail Gallery' (of COURSE!) nor in the opening Home Page. So I may be forced to place a spurious one.

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Alder Red Tongue

Yes and thanks for responding John.
It was then, an experiment in describing.
It did not take me long, last year, to ID this.
Internet-searching for "fungus on alder cone" and then searching images does the trick. I use Google pretty exclusively.
Appendage on Alder cone, Excrescence on Alder cone didn't work - growth on Alder cone draws one likely result.
It is quite interesting that Google now presents me with MY own iSpot posting and your ID against 'excrescence alder'.
I will try this experiment again but not often.