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Leaf insect 01

Observed: 15th February 2013 By: rachelmayerrachelmayer’s reputation in Invertebrates
leaf insect ?

Insect in my kitchen - first thought it was a moth / butterfly, but it has no antennae, and the body appears to be part of the 'wings'. Apologies for the quality of the photo - difficult to lie on the floor taking pic of upside down creature on worktop edge! I want to identify it & if possible keep it alive! help!

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Would you please edit your entry and move it to the invertebrates section, many thanks.

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it is over wintering

It’s a moth. Just leave it to over winter in its chosen location as itis hibernating.It will depending on the weather and species take to the wing again in March – June time.


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Duplicate ID's

Ron, can I question why you are adding additional and duplicate ID's. If you agree with the ID already stated the press "I agree"

Just because someone's confidence level isn't "I'm sure as I can be" doesn't make their ID wrong.

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