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Unknown Insect

Observed: 12th August 2012 By: wilson_le_moine...

Unfortunately I had not a camera with me at the time and if my wife had not seen the same insect I would not have believed my own eyes.
My wife and I were sat on our patio in August of last year. Hovering close to a lavender bush was what I first thought was a bee of some description. However, on closer inspection I observed what can only be described as one of the strangest insects I have ever seen. It was approximately 2cm in length and had a thorax and tail which resembled a bee but just in front of the wing joint was what appeared to be the head of a small stickleback fish. I promise you that I was not imagining this as my wife was also staring goggle eyed at the same insect. The insect hovered for about 10 seconds before flying off and was not seen since.
I have trawled through countless nature books to see if I could find anything close to what my wife and I saw but with no joy. It was by chance that I heard a piece on Radio 4 yesterday morning regarding ISpot.
Could you please help - just to prove that my wife and I have not lost our marbles.

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You have NOT lost them and I do so hope that Matt Smith is right.
There are very few pictureless Text-scriptions in iSpot.
Yours is lovely.
See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/315747
Good luck