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Burdock in arable field

Observed: 29th July 2009 By: Alex
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Arctium lappa
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There are 3 species of Arctium that this could be, and I'm not sure I can tell from the photo which this is. Was there a reason you went for A.lappa?

Bob Ford

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Well its unlikely to be A.

Well its unlikely to be A. minus as it looks wrong in general and in particular the flower stalks are too long (A. minus has very short flower stalks). A. nemorosa also has very short flower stalks.
this leaves A. lappa (greater burdock) or A. pubescens (intermediate burdock), from the general appearance I would go for A. lappa although I am not sure I have enough experience of the difference between that species and A. pubescens to say just from this photo. A. lappa is supposed to differ also in having solid leaf stalks (which of course you can't tell from the photo).