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Bird puzzle

Observed: 1st May 2010 By: concordconcord’s reputation in Birds

think its great tit but but do not know if the have a beak this long

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Great Tits

I read some time ago that the beak changes shape dependent upon the season (and hence the predominant food supply, one assumes).

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There is no doubt it is a

There is no doubt it is a Great Tit, and I am not sure what is odd about the beak. It looks absolutely right to me, though with some imagination you might make it abnormally extended (in which case it would be a developmental abnormality or the result of disease or injury). Blue and Long-tailed are the ones with very short bills.

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It is very difficult to tell in the photo' because of the way the bird is lit, but does the bird have an over-shot beak (an extended upper mandible - it seems to extend into the white blob in the photo')? It may also be abnormally long in both mandibles.
If so, it usually starts as a very minor damage which stops the two mandibles from mating together properly. In all birds it is a combination of the mating together of the two and their normal use that determines their wear and hence shape and length. Once a beak starts to grow abnormally, it will not correct itself.
If the bird does have an over-shot beak, it will probably lead to its demise as ultimately it will not be able to feed properly.