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Grey or common seals

Observed: 27th August 2012 By: adrianashleyadrianashley’s reputation in Mammals

Grey or common seals
I saw these two seals in Suffolk last year.
One of them is grey but, confusingly, the other one is brown.
Can someone tell what species they are please?

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I will concede that I had not considered that the two species might be so close together, and went primarily on the left seal. I now see that the other is probably the harbour/common/eastern atlantic.
So I go with Gill Sinclair.

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Me too

Here (in the wonder county) they seem to mix freely. The greys seem to return ashore just afore the 'harbours', after disturbance; but I have seen them lounging pretty close together. I did a lot of counts a few years back and they were often hauled up together making observations interesting when maturing harbour pups were present.
I'll try post some pics.

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The seal on the left.

The profile says "Grey". As for the other one, I'm follwing the discussion.