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Strange tracks

Observed: 12th February 2013 By: David P

Tracks left in snow overnight. Each line is between 6" and 1 foot long, and a bit less than 1" wide. The snow was staring to melt but I think they may actually be two narrow parallel tracks, but not sure of that.


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Were these 'tracks' under a wire or a tree branch? Or could they have blown from a higher object?

They look like snow that has built on another object and then has fallen onto the ground as the melt took place, thus looking like 'tracks'

Hope this helps.

All the best

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That was my first thought too.


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Now I feel embarrassed. I had considered that they were made by snow coming off the roof or by moss thrown off the roof by birds, but discounted it as the 'tracks' go at right angles to the house to the wall opposite. But, of course, so does the telephone wire :-(.