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Antarctic eyebright

Observed: 12th February 2013 By: palemaidenpalemaiden’s reputation in Plantspalemaiden’s reputation in Plants
20130212-Mare Harbour Antarctic eyebright- U 021

Edge of fresh water ditch, in muddy margins

    Likely ID
    Antartic eyebright (Euphrasia antarctica)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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The flower looks much more regular than many eyebrights - I've looked at photos of some Chilean Antarctic eyebright and they look different. I set the brain cells (and computer search!) into action and see if anything else comes to mind

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Thanks very much Mark. My ID

Thanks very much Mark. My ID book for this one was "wild flowers of the Falklands" although the tiny flowers does make it hard to be sure now. I'm sure Richard Lewis will confirm or not my ID !

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Thanks to decades of study we know that there are dozens of very similar species of Eyebright in Europe.

I don't think anyone's looked in such detail at Eyebrights in Falklands/ South America. Further research may well identify more 'cryptic' species.

It's certainly not any of the UK species, one of which is becoming invasive on Cape Pembroke.