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What plant?

Observed: 17th March 2010 By: DevonianDevonian’s reputation in PlantsDevonian’s reputation in PlantsDevonian’s reputation in PlantsDevonian’s reputation in Plants

This looked to me like purple toadflax but I have never seen leaves of this colour before.
It was growing on the Hale Estuary, just outside the the town itself on what looked like a mix of clinker and stone.

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Red plants

Reddening in plants is a response to stress, usually high exposure to light - it is usually their equivalent of sunscreen.
All plants will do it to some degre but man, on average, likes the appearance so has selected clones for cultivation that are unusually sensitive so redden at abnormally low light levels - hence red, purple and bronze/brown leaved cultivars of very many plants.
Your plant will be stressed twice-over - dry and exposed.

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Red plant

Thanks! Appreciate the detailed explanation.

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Sea or Portland Spurge

It does look a little like a toadflax but I would say one of the coastal spurges is also an option