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Observed: 16th December 2012 By: WickinsWalkers

While out walking in Snowdonia my walking group and I occasionally come across small patches of a translucent white slime,generally in Autumn/Winter. We have found patches on grass,in marshes,once on a boulder 1 meter high and now on a recently cut conifer tree stump. It has no microscopically discernable,internal structure,is slippery and jelly-like to touch.

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ID comment

Please see the attached link about this "Star Jelly". There are several theories but the main one is that it is thought to be the remnants of a predated frog.


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White translucent slime (Unknown)

Brian S. of WickinsWalkers comments: Not convinced with the answers! Regurgitated frog spawn would be out of season. Eaten frog would show signs of body-parts. I agree with Brian's comments.

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I was very sceptical about this too. One of the things that eventually convinced me (I think!) was the post at http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/314277.
Have a look and see what you think.


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Possibly a fungus

This looks very much like the fungus Exidia nucleata. It's growing on the wood underneath. It's great stuff and crops up suprisingly often. Good spot!