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L-E Bat 040213

Observed: 4th February 2013 By: adrianashleyadrianashley’s reputation in Mammals
L-E Bat 040213

See on its own in loft

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It's hibernating, please don't disturb it!

If this bat is hibernating in this loft, then it will be greatly distubed by you and your camera flash. This might make the difference between it surviving hibernation or not. Please give it a chance!

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no rants from trolls please

In this instance I needed proof of the presence of bats to avoid them being disturbed by contractors, so no rants from trolls please.
Generally speaking you should keep away from bats, disturbing them is actually illegal.

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likely to be brown long-eared

likely to be brown long-eared but the news last year that grey long-eared may be more widespread than previously thought complicates it

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Grey long-eared bats

Thank you for that information. Are there any key differences between the two species other than colour?