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Wild Clary

Observed: 30th June 2012 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in PlantsPetej’s reputation in Plants
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First time I have come across this flower - there was one small clump of it fairly close to the old American Road.

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Nothing personal, Pete...

...but I hate people who say "it has a distinct jizz" then don't explain what they mean.

Please be kind enough to explain which characteristics allow you to ID it.

(anyone not knowing what "jizz" means, don't look it up in google!)

Rachy Ramone

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But when one refers to a jizz ...

... one means that one can't put ones finger on why it is that particular plant.

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It's not that you can't put your finger on why it is a species, it's just the general look of it that alerts you to the possibility, so that you can then check it.

For me, the jizz of Wild Clary leaves is that they are rather thick-looking, grey-green with a rough, deeply-netted veining and a spiky, crinkly edge. Someone else might interpret them differently.

Jizz is, I suppose, just how an individual views a particular species and what first alerts them to it. Then, they can go to a key and check it properly.

Jizz is how I first get onto interesting birds, flies and plants (or rule out commoner species which they aren't).


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Jizz, or Giss

is a term used in the American Air Force and relates to the 'general impression of size and shape' of aircraft, tanks, weopanry . I have often heard the term in relation to birds because of a particular species habit, e.g a wagtail wagging its tail. I suppose it can be used with plants that have a particular habit, e.g twining, creeping climbing etc

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Thoughts on Jizz

Thanks for the comments above - some helpful thoughts there.

If I am honest there is probably a touch of both laziness and haste in my use of jizz. I set myself the target of identifying. labelling and filing all of last year's photos by end of March. These still number 42 folders of probably on average 50 per folder. Anything that I havn't put up on I Spot yet I set aside and as that folder keeps growing I make haste to fit in putting photos up onto I Spot. So it is quick to put up words like distinctive jizz without too much further explanation. However, Rachy's point is well made and I will try to banish my laziness and say what each distinctive jizz infers to me.


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Thanks Pete,'re a star! And I look forward to learning from your Giss comments.

42 folder x 50 images, eh? Great!

Rachy Ramone

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