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Native Pennywort

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Location, location, location

Goodness, I've just noticed that you are in THE Mount Pleasant - how pleasant!
So, I am not certain that Scurvy Grass grows there!
Good wishes anyway

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We definitely get scurvy

We definitely get scurvy grass here, the flowers are yummy. I eat them as I am looking for plants!

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It appears that Cochlearia officinalis ssp. officinalis is an introduced species to the Falkland Islands (contrary to what I said in the unedited comments). Also, the native scurvy-grass in the islands is Oxalis enneaphylla ssp. enneaphylla

Under the listing for Falkland Island flora species is Marsh Pennywort (Hydrocotyle chamaemorus) which does resemble the photograph for this posting.

Falkland Island vascular plant species listings can be found at

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This is really helpful thank

This is really helpful thank you. I couldnt tie up Cochleria to my list which has (as you rightly point out) scruvy grass under Oxalis. i'll make my observations clearer that i am in the Falkland Islands. Thank you for your help

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Marsh Pennywort

Might well be lurking in some of the streams or pond margins at Mount Pleasant - definitely worth looking out for, though it does seem to be a bit more common on the West than on East Falkland.

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Thanks Richard, also for the

Thanks Richard, also for the comment on Berry Lobelia which i have to say looks very similar having looked at the photos since your comment. I'll go back to the stream and have a better look at it.