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Groatie Buckies

Observed: 11th February 2013 By: dejayM
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Groatie Buckies
crowded cowries

Elsewhere in iSpot are pictures of the shells (and body) of the two main UK Cowrie species.
Trivia monacha, also known as the European cowrie or spotted cowrie and Triva arctica, the Arctic Cowrie
Both shells (they are difficult to seperate) are known in Orkney as Groatie Buckies; they are quite scarce.
However, they occur around UK's coastline almost everywhere, yet with some notable exceptions.
The picture shows each species (their shells)
The Arctic Cowrie is white or warm white (pinkish) without spots
The Spotted Cowrie is often warmer coloured, up to dull megenta and usually with the two identifying spots.
The Trivias are known from prehistoric times as they have been excavated (as necklaces) with human remains.
Worth a click, honest!
And I've uploaded the second, crowded, picture as an apology to those overseas persons who have no idea about the size of a 20p piece!
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Groatie Buckies

Here in NE Scotland, I've heard of them being referred to as "John o' Greets". I've met a few people who collect them too, that's what I call trivial pursuit! (oh dear)