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Sea Hare eggs

Observed: 26th July 2012 By: dejayM
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These are pictures, I think, of the egg strands of Aplysia punctata - the Sea Hare.
I've not actually observed the laying so it's dangerous to be certain!
However, they occurred in rock pools at the same time as a huge flush of sea hares in July. It would be interesting to know why the two examples are different colour - age perhaps?
Jason Gregory's photo-site is inspiring
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different colour.. this case probably age. The eggs will, however, vary in colour as well depending on which alga the sea hare is eating at the time. Red or green algae will produce different coloured eggs. The pigments from the alga is transferred to the eggs.

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sea hare eggs

I have just looked at a slide from 1980 - rather pinker, much thinnner but freshly laid - also in July in Somerset

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egg string colour

I have found them also as a purple/mauve colour, and consistency similar to "silly string". The hares can also vary in colour depending on diet.

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sea hare

I have scanned the old slide and posted

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Group issue

In December 2014, this post appeared in the Help confirm global observations carousel. I wondered why.
They are the eggs of Aplysia punctata, as three others 'testify'.
But I noticed that it is ungrouped, so I added Invertebrate as the group.