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Aplysia punctata

Observed: 23rd July 2012 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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Sea Hare 1

One can see in this picture why they are callled Sea Hares.
During late July 2012, in close-inshore Orcadian waters and rock pools there was a small explosion of these delightful creatures.
I brought a few home and into a makeshift aquarium - they were a wonder of camouflage and motion. There are two in this picture through glass.

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we also get laods of them at

we also get laods of them at times here in Cornwall, have you been squirted with their purple dye?

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

To find out about what's going on in the south west check out

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Purple dye

Goodness, no. We, the grandchildren and I, handled them a lot. I can only suggest the Orkney ones are more tolerant!

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the tag "Sea Skug; nudibranchs;sea hare;aplysia" has been deleted as it is causing confusion amongst tag users for projects. Please replace it with tags separated by commas to make several legitimate keywords.

The project in question is

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"Sea Skug; nudibranchs;sea hare;aplysia"

It's unlikely that I would have used any of the Tags you mention Tony. Might your comment be meant for someone else?
Sea Skug; nudibranchs;sea hare;aplysia.
It is true I have, in the past tried semi colons for separation and this post is well in my past.
If, perchance, you are right then I'm sorry to have caused confusion.

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using autocomplete

it comes up as an option when trying "Sea s" which is what the laze people do instead of typing Sea Slug Atlas, and it is close enough to confuse some of them.
And the nudi and hare add some legitimacy and so it gets posted. Dont ask.

And yes, this tag was on this observation, so unless someone else added it, it must have been yours.

But it is history and hopefully wont confuse any more ...